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Surface Prep

Surface Preparation is one of our specialties here at Mid Valley Industrial Services. Either by traditional dry ice blasting, or with technologically advanced UHP water jet equipment, our breadth of experience in unique surface prep applications is growing rapidly.

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is a rapidly growing option for a whole host of surface prep applications. Commonly used in conjunction with chemical cleaning and/or needle gunning, dry ice blasting is a superior application where water & grit could damage delicate gears, bearings, or electrical equipment.

UHP Water Jetting

This is by far Mid Valley’s most advanced method for coatings removal and surface prep. By using state-of-the-art technologies and up to 40,000 psi water streams we can safely and cost-effectively remove coatings. This process allows for cleanup as the surface is being prepped – reducing extra cost after.