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General Cleaning

Dust is a hot topic in the field of occupational health and safety. Ever present in industry today are the hazards of airborne contaminants that can be inhaled. Explosive and combustible dust can present an imminent danger. Mid Valley Industrial Services has the experience and specialized equipment to clean and eliminate dusts from your facility.

Using a variety of vacuuming options, including explosion-proof vacuums, our trained technicians can clean virtually any environment, including confined spaces & high ceilings, eliminating common dusts and combustible dust from ceiling to floor. Contact us today to have our trained staff work with you to mitigate combustible dust hazards in your facility.

Pressure Washing: Mid Valley Industrial Services often combines both hot & cold pressure washing with one or several of our other services as a way of maximizing efficiency  in certain cleaning applications. Whether used in conjunction with effective chemicals, or simply to decrease a liquid waste stream, our experienced industrial services coordinators can often implement pressure washing into your overall cleaning application when and where it is needed.

Chemical Cleaning can be an efficient, cost-effective way to remove corrosion, deposits, residual oils/greases and other contaminants from tainted surfaces. With a full line of chemicals for nearly any application as well as specialized cleaning equipment, Mid Valley can help to specify an appropriate chemical cleaning process that is safe, effective, and environmentally friendly.

Mid Valley can provide a solution to help eliminate fouling, oxidation, corrosion and decontamination of machinery and other surfaces such as metal, ceramic, synthetics, glass, and masonry.

    Chemical Cleaning can be a great option for the following industrial and manufacturing applications:

    • Bacteria
    • Boilers
    • Cooling Systems
    • Condensers
    • Degreasing
    • Digesters
    • Dryer Cans
    • Duct & HVAC Systems
    • Fire Damage
    • Floors
    • Frames
    • Heat Exchangers
    • Hood Interiors
    • Makeup Air Units
    • Mold
    • Paint Booths
    • Paper Machines
    • Stack Interiors
    • Tanks